Our formulas are supported and verified by extensive research. We follow the truth, not just what is popular as our ingredients are in appropriate concentrations. This makes us under-promise but over-deliver.


Body Secrets products are only tested on humans on approval, from the developmental stage down to its launch. We do not practice animal trials or testing.


Active ingredients are mainly from fruit extracts, plants and herbs.

Naturally Scented

All our face products are fragrance-free. 80% of our skincare care products have essential oil as their fragrance. The 20% is a mix of synthetic and essential oil fragrance

Lab analysis

Undergoing lab analysis and statistics on products is an aspect that guides our claims and overall examination and understanding of our products


Body Secrets is a NAFDAC approved company and under NAFDAC standards operating procedures and guidelines

About Body Secrets Products

Body Secrets products are borne by a series of scientific research on various INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic ingredients), ascertaining their safety for use, compatibility with the various skin types, possible adverse reactions and sustainability over time.
Just before our trial formulations.


5 Years of Industry Experience

Body Secrets was born with the idea of building self-confidence in your skin and body that the brand and the products would be honest, natural, and true about their ingredients and claims, promoting a safer and cleaner world.

Certified by World’s Recognized Skincare Academy